Cutting Instructions - Beef

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  • Standard cuts selected below

    Each selection is pre-filled with our standard cut option. If you want a standard cut all you have to do is scroll to the bottom and check mark the "I'm not a robot" and click submit. If you want to customize your order, please deselect the standard check mark box to avoid duplicate submissions. Have fun with your selections!

    Also note that any option you choose to grind will go into your ground beef.

  • Quarter Beef Customers: When purchasing a quarter there are a few limitations that may cause us to make a cutting instruction change. We have to match your order with a partner order as there really is no quarter beef, but rather you are sharing a half beef with another customer from the same farmer. If you know the person you are sharing the half with and have agreed on your cuts, please let us know in the Special Request box below. Ground beef should be done in 1 lb packages. Steak thickness, type of steaks, and fat content have to match as well. If they do not, we may make a change to be sure you get the equal quantity of good meat into your freezer. Thank you for your trust and understanding in getting you all the options possible!

    **Three quarters of a beef will be split into two separate orders (half and a quarter*).

    Also the more animals you put on a cut order the less expensive the order is overall as there is a $48.40 Admin fee per order for processing.

    Quarter beef: Must match the partner order. Will default to Standard when the two selections are not the same.

    *Additional fees may apply

    Our butcher standard is 1 lb packages. Customers purchasing quarter beef must choose the same option here. We will default to the butcher standard when the two selections are not the same.
  • ($1.33/lb) - List the number of boxes They break apart for an easy dinner for any number. 15/box. 2 box minimum. Leave field blank if you do not want any boxed patties.
  • Please enter a number greater than or equal to 25.
    3 patties/lb ($1.33/lb) Type in the number of pounds. Nice presentation for retail sales. Minimum 25 lbs. Leave field blank if you do not want any vacuum packed patties.
    Labeled Soup Bones $3.09/bag (up to 10# per bag). All bones are now offered at the 6-8" size.
    Marrow bones with a good amount of meat. Great for making broth or beef and noodles.
    Whole or Half Beef only as their is just one. Perfect for making fajitas or stir fry.
    8 packs per whole beef order, 4 packs per half, 2 packs per quarter. If extra stew desired, add a note in the Special Requests box.
  • Beef Breakdown

    A beef carcass is first divided into eight large sections, known as primals. These are then cut into individual roasts or steaks, depending on customer preference.
    1. Chuck
    2. Brisket and Shank
    3. Rib
    4. Short Plate
    5. Flank
    6. Short Loin
    7. Sirloin
    8. Round
  • Rib Section

    Only whole beef can choose 2 options.

    Our butcher standard is Rib eye (bone out). When purchasing a quarter beef, this must match the partner order and will be issued the butcher standard when necessary.

  • Brisket

    A finished beef should have a nice full brisket. This is Jessica's favorite cut. Cook on low heat all day for the most flavorful meat you will ever have.

    Note, there is one brisket per half if left whole. Quarter beef orders cannot request a whole or half brisket. Please choose 2-4lbs or 4-6lbs.

  • Chuck

    This is the most complex area of the beef with many muscles. These cuts are nice and flavorful but should be slow cooked.
  • Expect 2 roasts per half at 2-4 lbs.
  • Expect 8 roasts per half beef at 2-4 lbs.
  • Hind Portion

    Whole or half beef only as there is just one. Perfect for stir fry or fajitas.
    Whole Beef Only- Just one of these per beef. This used to be known as the "butcher's steak" as they kept this tender piece of meat for themselves. Often referred to as a "hanger steak" and only weighs one - two pounds, but is full of flavor!
  • Loin Section

    We all wish there were more of these tender cuts. Enjoy!
    If you prefer to have the fat from your beef saved to render at home, we will package it for you.
  • Center Cut Sirloins cut 6-8 oz will be our standard when the most tender part of the sirloin is cut 1" and then cut in half for the perfect grill steak.
    There are two loins per beef (one option per half). Our butcher standard is Fillet/Strip (boneless).

    When purchasing a quarter beef, this must match the partner order and will be issued the butcher standard when necessary. Additionally, when purchasing a quarter beef, the whole loin options should not be selected as you are sharing the loin with another customer.

    *Porterhouses will be labeled as T-bone unless requested. Additional fees may apply.

  • Round

    A low fat area of the beef. Great for boneless roasts and tenderized cube steaks.
  • A nice boneless roast for carving or slow cooking. Expect 3-4 roasts at 2-4 lbs.
    $4.00. Please note there is only one oxtail per beef.
    $19.97 per order. If you would like offals packaged, we must know when the animal is dropped off. These are saved at time of slaughter, so please be sure your farmer lets us know if you would like any or all of these items.
  • You may also use this box to communicate any additional requests and/or questions. Most special requests are priced at $1.33/lb or a $11/order flat fee.
  • Farmer/Wholesaler/or Retailer Only

    The following selections help us best brand your product for resale. The questions typically do not apply to freezer beef orders. Skip this section if you are getting a quarter, half, or whole beef for your own freezer. Do not forget to select "I'm not a robot" and submit below!
    Click Yes, if you will be selling by the cut. Click no, if the product is going into your freezer.
    Everyday boxes are unable to be returned.

    Premium boxes can be returned for a credit of $2.20/box onto your account. Credit will be applied to account if boxes returned are clean with no damage (broken corners, rips, tears, etc.) and pass staff inspection.

    Premium boxes are required for delivery.

  • $19.97 per order; Label Claim Application and certifications due in office prior to drop off.
    Please note: Our current logistics company does not deliver to residential addresses. In order for us to deliver to your farm or business, you must have a loading dock and/or equipment to unload a full pallet of boxes. Premium boxes are required for shipping.
  • Submission Time

    By clicking submit, you agree that the cutting instructions are final. We appreciate your order and hope your enjoy your beef!

    Basic Slaughter Fees: $.19/lb on hanging carcass weight ($121 minimum per beef) includes our standard dry aging feature of a minimum of 7 days. Additional charge of $.08/lb for heavy beef over 1600lbs on the live weight.

    Processing (includes standard vacuum packing!) - $.77/lb hanging carcass weight

    Federal Inspection $19.97 (this fee helps maintain our facilities to USDA standards)

    Freezer rental of $5.70/day will start 7 days after your notification of a completed order. Please note that you will be notified when your first round of beef product is complete and a second notification when your value added options (special requests, dry age, patties, etc) is complete.

    Submissions after slaughter appointment and/or changes to the order after submission are subject to a $12.10 change order fee. Additional fees may apply in the event of unforeseen circumstances. We strive to work efficiently to keep the cost of your order as low as possible.