Cutting Instructions - Pork

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • If you are submitting multiple orders for several customers but plan to pick up for them, please label the various orders with letter designations. (ie Smith A, Smith B, Smith C)
  • Help us prevent duplicate accounts by listing your spouse.
  • For use on product label. This will be our standard label showing who raised the animal(s).
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  • Standard cuts selected below

    Each selection below is pre-filled with our standard cut option. If you want a standard cut, all you have to do is scroll to the bottom, click "I'm not a robot" and click submit. If you want to customize your order, please deselect the standard check mark box to avoid duplicate submissions. Have fun with your selections!
  • Each order has a $44 Administration fee attached. The more animals you put on one cut sheet, the lower the overall charge will be.
    If you prefer to have the fat from your pig(s) saved to render at home, we will package it for you. We will gladly render it here, as well. Please note that we have to pool together fat from at least 10 hogs so this will require a separate pick up.
    Labeled Soup Bones $2.81/bag (up to 10# per bag)
  • Smoked Options

    At This Old Farm we "cure" with all natural sea salt, celery juice powder, and seasoning for a no added nitrite/nitrate guilt free product. We use an all natural hickory wood smoke with just a slight hint of smoke. Not the liquid smoked product some do not enjoy. The labels will say "uncured" to remind you to refrigerate the ham or bacon. If you choose a "fresh" option please note that the meat will not be seasoned in anyway. Keep in mind all of our product is blast frozen to ensure freshness when eating. **Boars (male uncastrated or pigs with a retained testicle) will not receive smoked meat).

    If selected, smoked options will be invoiced on the fresh (green) weight at $1.69/pound. This includes ham, hock, and bacon options. Jowl and Belly bacon will be sliced and charged on the green weight at $.94/pound if you make these selections.

    You may choose up to two options for a whole hog - with two hams, you can experiment!

    Each Ham is roughly 20 lbs. Choose how you want it cut after it is smoked or choose a fresh option. Smoke charge is $1.69/lb on the fresh (green) weight.

    We will only smoke hock(s) when smoking your ham(s).
    Pig Cheeks - some say jowl bacon is better than belly bacon!

    $1.69 to smoke

    $.94 to slice

  • Pig Belly

    Pig Belly - bring home the bacon!

    $1.69/lb to smoke

    $.94/lb to slice

  • Loin

    The tender part of the hog. Perfect grill or slow cook options!

    If you are getting a whole hog, you may choose bone in and boneless options. Another great way to provide variety in your freezer!

    If you are getting half a hog, please ONLY choose bone in OR boneless options.

    Make the best pulled pork by slow cooking or enjoy pork steaks on the grill.

    A whole hog order can choose up to two options. A half hog order may only choose one.

  • Trimming Options

    A whole hog generally yields enough trim for two options.

    Please only select one option for a half hog.

    If multiple selections are chosen, please use the Special Requests box below to list your order of preference. Our suggestion is to do 25 lbs of a seasoned sausage and the rest into an unseasoned ground or pork patty on a whole hog. Please note that our seasoning packets are prepared to process in 25 pound increments and we will do our best to get as close to 25 pounds per seasoning as possible!

    Our sausages are as natural as possible ($.67/lb). They leave out MSG and all preservatives possible. Natural sugars are used with the exception of the Sugar Free Garden Sage.

    Other options? Sure! Use the Special Requests box below.

  • Two box minimum. They break apart for an easy dinner for any number. (20/box)
  • 25 pound minimum. Four patties per package.
    $7.26 per order. If you would like offals packaged, we must know when the animal is dropped off. These are saved at time of slaughter, so please be sure your farmer lets us know if you would like any or all of these items.
  • If selecting more than one sausage option, please list order of preference in the event there is not enough trim to fulfill all of your requests. You may also use this box to communicate any additional requests and/or questions. Most special requests are priced at $1.21/lb or a $10/order flat fee.
  • Farmer /Wholesaler/ or Retailer Only

    The following selections help us best brand your product for resale. The questions typically do not apply to freezer pork orders. Skip this section if you are getting a half or whole for your own freezer. Do not forget to select I'm not a robot and submit below!
    Click Yes, if you will be selling by the cut. Click no, if the product is going into your freezer.
    Everyday boxes are unable to be returned. Premium boxes can be returned* for a credit on your account. *Credit will be applied to account once boxes have been checked in and condition, etc has been approved by staff.
  • $18.15 per order; Label Claim Application and certifications due in office prior to drop off
    Most orders can be delivered to a farm or business location for $75 per skid. Please note: Our current logistics company does not deliver to residential addresses. In order for us to deliver to your farm or business, you must have a loading dock and/or equipment to unload a full pallet of boxes. Premium boxes are required for shipping.
  • Submission

    By clicking submit, you agree that the cutting instructions are final. Here's to good clean pork - we appreciate your order!

    Basic Slaughter Fees: $.28/lb hanging carcass weight (42.35 minimum per animal).

    Processing (includes vacuum packing!) - $.67/lb hanging weight

    Federal Inspection $16.50 (this fee helps maintain the facility to USDA standards)

    Freezer rental of $2.60/day is charged 7 days after notification of a completed order. Please note that you will be notified when your fresh (unsmoked) pork is completed and again when your smoked meat is completed as they are essentially two separate orders. Submissions after slaughter appointment and/or changes to the order after submission are subject to a $11 change order fee. Additional fees may apply in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Note there are some seasoning options unavailable for seasoned patties. We strive to work efficiently to keep the cost of your order as low as possible.