1 year later-going strong!

On Dec 27th our staff stopped the saw at 2:30 for a prayer of thanksgiving.  I thanked God for those around us that came together as encouragers to see that we rebuilt and got off the ground after the fire we had just a year before on the same date at the same time.  I am thankful for the customers that said don’t give up, for the contractors that put their energy into raising a building faster than most said possible, and for the county government offices that helped us rezone faster than normal.  As I looked around the room at the employees that stayed strong through the process I was blessed to see new faces.  Not only did we reopen with our old staff with us but we reopened with new employees as well.  Because it is a year later, the same customers that lost meat in the fire are returning one by one.  They tell their story of how they were affected by the fire and give their thanks that we did not close the doors.  That is what gives us encouragement to continue our fight for family farming.  Without processing options there is no reason to raise livestock.  Our story was not unique.  Every year 5% of the processing facilities are forced to shut down due to death in the family, economic instability, tragedy, or lack of interest in eating well and supporting the local farm.  We are glad we did not become just another statistic.  You continue to tell us that family farming is important.  You continue to tell us you want choice in where your food comes from.  Thank you for caring in our mission.  You make it possible!