15% Off Organic Chickens

No one likes a discount better than our staff.  They care about who they work for but they also care about you, the customer.  Stacy and Julia picked our special this week.  Call them at (765) 324-2161 to place your order and say thank you at the same time!

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Whole organic chickens 15% off.  These chickens have been raised on the grass for nutrient density and fed only certified organic grains.  They have been processed in small batches right here and vacuum packed for a long freezer life.  That is just $4.42/lb.  We have both small (2-3lbs) and large (4-5 lbs) available.

The small chickens are perfect for grilling.  Some of our customers use the beer in the bird approach by placing a beer can straight up and the chicken cavity on top.  Turns out great every time.

The large chickens are great to throw in a crock pot in the morning and have dinner ready when you get home for the day.  I throw in 2 Tbsp salt, pepper, and any veggies I have on hand.  Dinner in a hurry for those hectic days of summer.