A Message From the Owner

To Our Valued Farmers and Customers:

What a year 2020 has been! As many of you may know, our livestock schedule filled rapidly earlier this year which has been a blessing for This Old Farm in a time when many small businesses are unable to survive the pandemic. It has also been a struggle to carry out our mission of supporting all family farmers as we were unable to accommodate many scheduling requests.

As we continue to make our processes more efficient, we have made a few minor improvements to our online cut instruction forms:

• You can now supply us with a spouse/alternate phone number. It’s not often that we have to call with cut instruction questions but having a secondary phone number in the event we can’t reach you is helpful!
• There is now a field to enter your farmer’s email address. Some farmers have requested to know when his/her customers submit cut instructions. By entering the farmer email address in this field, he/she will receive notification when cut instructions are submitted. Farmers, stay up to date by passing your email to your customers.
• For pork customers, we have updated the Trimming Option section to better explain sausage options and amounts available per half, whole, or more. Additionally, we have tried to eliminate confusion by only allowing one option for half a hog, two options for a whole hog, and so forth.

Please remember that beef, pork, and lamb/goat cut instructions are to be submitted on the website by the scheduled slaughter date (if a farmer/customer does not have internet access, please call us Monday through Friday during regular business hours for assistance). When using a previous cut instruction with no changes, we do not need an online form submitted. The farmer just needs to indicate previous on his/her livestock drop off sheet when the animal(s) are brought to us. Reminder to farmers, if we do not have your customer list complete with phone numbers at time of drop off, the order stays in your name.

On behalf of everyone at This Old Farm, thank you for your patience the last few months! We are looking forward to 2021 with new/additional staff and plans to expand so that we can better carry out our mission! Please don’t forget to return your Farmer Needs Assessment form so we can better plan our staffing and expansion priorities.

With a grateful heart,

Jessica Roosa, Owner

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