A New Building Extension!!!

New construction is always exciting, and though the office air conditioning was turned off to ensure the safety of our construction workers, and subject the office staff to the grueling heat of the week, everybody is certainly excited about our new addition to the building! Once again turning to the Amish Community for construction, we put in place a hall-way/storage area for our slaughter floor, as well as a long awaited cooler extension! We’re still buttoning up the project, but for the most part it’s finished, and we’re all ecstatic.

Though most people prefer not to think about the “dirty” aspects of getting an animal processed, it’s a necessary part of eating meat, and essential to the traceability of our product. It’s difficult, hard work, which is why more and more small processing facilities switch to buying boxed primals from large processors. It’s impossible to trace a product from such a large industry, so in order to guarantee that you’re getting the exact product you want, from a healthy animal, we stick to keeping track of our own meat, from when it walks in, to when we send it out.

Since the slaughter floor is such an important aspect of our business, we decided we needed to take care of our butchers back on the floor, so they now have a quick way to get up to the break room, and easy access to more of the necessary equipment and items. Stop by our facility sometime and check out the project, or maybe the finished extension! While you’re at it, stop in and check out some of our meat specials!