Adventure to Amish country

Our Thanksgiving Turkeys are raised by Amish farmer John Mark Stoltzfus, from Sunny Hollow Farm in Hagerstown, Indiana. Morgan Springer, our farm supervisor and butcher’s assistant, has had some interesting adventures over the years while picking up birds from John Mark’s farm two hours east of Indy.

One time Morgan arrived at his farm at 4:00am and it was the pitch black. He turned on his truck lights and spent 45 minutes loading up chickens. When finished, he tried to start the truck, but his battery was dead. He had no jumper cables and didn’t know what to do. He was in Amish country with no cars anywhere.

But John Mark came to the rescue anyway. He came walking up the hill with a wagon and two massive batteries in tow. He then proceeded to pull out two hand made, narly looking wires, which he connected to the batteries. To Morgan’s surprise, this questionable looking devise got him jumped immediately and then he was on his way!

John Mark Stoltzfus has perfected the raising of turkey’s for us. Order your thanksgiving turkey today!

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