At the Farm, Market, or Processing Reatil Outlet………

We are pleased to expand the availability of locally produced meat from our farm and other sustainable growers.  Give us a call and let us help you make the choices that best meet the need of your family.

Let us know if you need a wholesale or retail price list.  Call (765) 324-2161.

On Special **1/2 natural hog for $3.15/lb  already processed and ready for your freezer. 60-100 lbs of variety cuts.  

We also have……….

100 % Grass fed Beef  

  • Ground beef                                        $5.50/lb
  • chuck roast                                         $5.25/lb
  • arm roast                                             $5.25/lb
  • rump roast                                          $5.75/lb
  • cubed steak                                         $5.50/lb
  • sirloin steaks                                       $9.50/lb
  • rib steak                                                 $13.00/lb
  • porterhouse and T-bones               $15.50/lb
  • beef liver                                                 $4.00/lb
  • soup bones                                             $3.00/lb
  • quarter side, halves, or whole beefs priced at $3.50/lb plus processing

eggs $4.50/dozen.  I am happy to once again have them available.  We have been working hard to get good leafy hay to the chickens that have been missing the greens that make those large yellow-orange yolks.  I am seeing an improvement already. 

Organically fed  and pasture raised chicken

  • whole               $4.80/lb
  • breasts            $8.50/lb
  • thighs               $6.00/lb
  • drumsticks     $5.50/’b
  • wings                 $4.00/lb
  • broth pieces  $3.00/lb

Naturally fed and pasture raised chicken

  • whole               $3.50/lb
  • breasts            $7.50/lb
  • thighs               $5.00/lb
  • drumsticks     $4.80/’b
  • wings                 $3.50/lb
  • broth pieces  $2.00/lb
  • Pastured heritage turkey  ($5.95/lb)

    100% grassfed lamb  Still taking orders for whole or half lambs to be cut to your specifications.  $5.50/lb plus processing

    The following cuts are available from the freezer.  We are processing lamb again this week for a fresh Easter supply!   

  • leg of lamb                       $10.50/lb
  • rack of lamb                    $10.50/lb
  • shanks                                $7.50/lb
  • stew meat                          $7.50/lb
  • ground lamb                     $7.50/lb
  • loin end chops               $17.00/lb
  • rib end chops                $16.50/lb
  • shoulder chops              $10.50/lb
  • ribs                                       $4.00/’lb (great for broth making)    
  • liver, heart, tongue                    $5.00/lb
  • Pastured Pork- Still taking orders for whole or half pigs to be cut to your specifications.  Cuts are now available from the freezer.

    • sausage            $6.00/lb
    • pork burgers $6.o0/lb
    • ham                   $5.00/lb  on special to make way for new recipes!
    • bacon               $5.00/’b   on special to make way for new recipes!
    • fresh side        $5.00/lb
    • loin chops       $7.50/lb
    • steaks                $4.o0/lb on special.  They make great barbecue pork.
    • shanks               $4.00/lb
    • bratwursts       $9.00/lb
    •  Wholes or halves at $3.15/lb.

     Cow and goat shares-running a waiting list

    Locally Raised, Traditional Meats–  We also now have a full line of locally raised but traditionally grown meats for sale.  If you have wanted to support local farms but been unable to afford the higher cost of organically raised and or naturally raised meats, we can now meet that need as well.  It is all about choice.  We can help you understand the differences, exactly who raised the meat, how it was raised and what the taste differences might be.  With this information, you can make the best decision for your family. 

    This is a great time to make sure we have your order on file so that as soon as we process we can fill your order.  We want to grow exactly what you want us to grow.  Let us know what you would like.  Call (765)436-2186 (farm), (765) 324-2161(retail and processing division), or email Jessica.

    We look forward to seeing you at the farm anytime by appointment, at our new retail location during business hours, or at your delivery site at a prearranged time.  We will be at the Traders Point Creamery on Saturdays from 9 t0 12.  We look forward to seeing you there.