ATTN: Spam Emails

Valued Customers,

It was brought to our attention late last night (February 6th) by phone call that there is a false actor posing as This Old Farm sending out spam emails. The email states that it is from This Old Farm, and that you have been set up as a new customer (the text of the email is copied below). The gentleman who alerted us to this received the email from, but you may receive a similar email from a different email address. This email is spam and is not from us, do not open any attachments or links!

All email communication from This Old Farm (except for our newsletter) will come from an email address with the format “first name” For example, emails sent by Clayton (our order distribution manager) will be from, emails sent by Jessica (the president) will be from, and so on.

Should you receive any suspicious email claiming to be us, we encourage you to give us a call at 765-324-2161 to clarify if you have any questions. Though it’s certainly frustrating to have a false actor impersonating us, it gives us an opportunity to ensure you know the people here at This Old Farm who work hard to provide you with good food. The representatives from This Old Farm whom you are most likely to receive communication from are…

Clayton Rascoe (
Clayton manages our inventory and keeps track of orders amongst other things. You’re most likely to receive invoices and other order related information from him.

Cindy Suter (
Cindy manages the retail area during the day acting as the first point of contact for most of our customers as they walk in the door. Getting to talk to lots of people about lots of things and working closely with Clayton, you may receive emails on a variety of topics from Cindy including information about your order, answers to questions asked, or other miscellaneous topics.

Travis Hood (
Travis does his best to keep all our butchers busy by bringing in customers amongst other things. If you’ve brought livestock to us in the past, you are likely to receive communication from Travis asking about scheduling more livestock in the future.

Richard Byrer (
Richard is one of our newer members of the team! He has years of butcher experience he puts to work on the processing floor. When processing workload slows, he also conducts sales calls to try to keep us busy.

Jada Smith (
Jada is in charge of translating and moving cutting instructions from our online submission system to the processing room floor. You may receive clarifying questions from Jada about your cutting instructions to ensure we properly understood your request.

Ariel Swisher (
Ariel makes invoices for all custom service processing orders. You may receive clarifying questions from Ariel to ensure that you are properly billed.

Kendra Rairdon (
Kendra manages the operational side of the business, from ensuring production operates efficiently to working with the USDA. If you have a very large or complicated order, or you’re trying to set up custom labels, you may receive questions from Kendra to ensure that we do our best job at tending to your order.

Conner Smith (
Conner is in charge of miscellaneous projects and manages the retail storefront in the evenings. You may receive a variety of information from Conner such as answers to questions, communication about setting up outreach programs, order or billing information.

Jessica Roosa (
Jessica is the President of This Old Farm. If you are developing a very large or niche business relationship with This Old Farm you are likely to receive communication from Jessica to ensure we do the best job possible.

The amended text to this false email communication from us is…

Hi there arlond,

We’re thrilled to have you as our newest customer! When logged into our site, you’ll now be able to view your previous orders, check on your order status, and update your profile information.

You’re always welcome to call us – (765) 324-2161 – and we can answer any questions you might have about your new account.

Thank you for your support of responsible and sustainable agriculture!

This Old Farm
1 (765) 324-2161
9572 W County Road 650 S
Colfax, Indiana 46035

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