“Quality of life almost always involve[s] being in the kitchen or gathering around the table with others. This seems to be the norm around the world. Where people spend a lot of time thinking about preparing food, it seems they are spending that much time with others around the table enjoying what is on their […]

This is Jessica’s favorite turkey (and chicken) marinade. Be flexible with this marinade based on what you have on hand. The most important part is having a pastured turkey for the fullest flavor. The next is to marinade it for 24 hours. Start by washing your turkey well. Some use lemon juice and/or apple cider […]

Give us a call now at 765-324-2161 to order your fresh Thanksgiving turkey and receive a free $10 gift card! Be sure to give us the Promo Code: In All Things, Give Thanks. Let us know what size ($5.40 lb) you want and whether you want the giblets. $25 deposit requested.

Our Thanksgiving Turkeys are raised by Amish farmer John Mark Stoltzfus, from Sunny Hollow Farm in Hagerstown, Indiana. Last week I shared a story about one of the many times that Morgan Springer made a memorable trip to John Mark’s farm to pick up poultry for us. Another time, he took his buddy and sister […]

Most poultry in the U.S. comes from concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs). That means chickens and turkeys are confined in large numbers, given antibiotics to make them bigger and fed grains instead of being out on pasture and raised naturally. This actually makes the meat more like junk food than health food. Check out Dr. […]

Our Thanksgiving Turkeys are raised by Amish farmer John Mark Stoltzfus, from Sunny Hollow Farm in Hagerstown, Indiana. Morgan Springer, our farm supervisor and butcher’s assistant, has had some interesting adventures over the years while picking up birds from John Mark’s farm two hours east of Indy. One time Morgan arrived at his farm at […]

Newsletter Special Give Away: Order your turkey and receive a free 16 oz package of Essenhaus Extra Wide Homestyle Noodles. Be sure to mention the Code Word: Gobble Gobble Turkey and Noodles to receive this special! Give us a call at 765-324-2161 to place your turkey order. Let us know what size ($5.40 lb), whether […]

Have you ever had difficulty communicating with your meat processor? Brandon Peacock, a member of our sales team, came across a publication by NCAT Specialist, Linda Coffey, discussing her new publication, “Working with Your Meat Processor. She finds that miscommunications between producers and processors often lead to different expectations, and she talks about some of […]

Do you know someone who makes artisan handmade crafts or Indiana regionally grown items for the holidays? If so, contact Kristy, our customer service liaison at This Old Farm, 765-324-2161. We have added on more retail space, so we are expanding are inventory of locally made items. Please let her know if you have any […]

Did you know that Amish farmer John Mark Stoltzfus of Sunny Hollow Farm grows our pasture-raised, hormone and antibiotic-free turkeys? Order your Thanksgiving Day Turkey from This Old Farm today! Call or go to our website to place an order for a turkey, $5.40 lb. Let us know what size, whether you want the giblets […]

Brandon was selected as Employee of the Month for September. He is a model employee with an excellent work ethic. He is never late, never calls in sick, never misses work, and is always the first one to arrive to work even though he drives the farthest. We asked fellow employees to describe Brandon: hardworking, […]