Farmers sold an estimated $6.1 billion in locally marketed foods in 2012 Recently, there has been a series of media reports suggesting the gangbusters growth in farmers markets is slowing, signaling a plateau in the local food movement. Not so. What we’re seeing is the evolution of the local and regional food movement beyond weekend […]

I just wanted to let you know that I rendered the lard about two weeks ago and it has been excellent. I used a crockpot to render the fat in 4 batches. It took around 14 hours for each run and I filtered it through a cheese cloth and strainer. I yielded around 10 large […]

Ground Beef 80/20 – 20% off All Natural Chicken Broiler Bones now on SALE for $1/lb for bulk sales (minimum of 5#) Can’t decide how to spend your tax return? How about stocking your freezer with locally raised beef, lamb, etc! Farmers Rations (Quarter Beef)- prices range from $571.46 – $872.90 These are in stock […]

Feeding raw bones to cats and dogs: Background: Eating raw bones is as completely natural as eating fresh meat for dogs and cats. They come hand in hand, in the wild. Both dogs and cats are natural hunters, cats always eating their food fresh, and dogs happy to eat fresh, or decaying. Either way, catching […]

This is our Compliance Officer, Adam Oswalt. Adam is from Colfax, IN born and raised. His parents and grandparents both are from the Meat Industry, his father was a butcher. Adam also works in our processing room. Hobbies include taxidermy, woodworking, bone collecting and listening to bluegrass. He loves to study about how food affected […]

A pig can run a 7-minute mile. Gobble, gobble: On average Americans now eat 14 lbs of turkey a piece each year, more than double the rate 20 years ago. Cows have almost total 360-degree panoramic vision. California grows about 70% of all the asparagus grown in the US. Lettuce is a member of the […]

Farming has long been a time-honored tradition in America. It is one of the major staples in this country’s history. At one time, everyone wanted to have a piece of land in order to grow the food, to raise a family, and to sell excess food and make a profit on particularly fruitful years. As […]

​Food Hubs Jodee Ellett, Local Foods Coordinator Food hubs respond to community food needs and can assume various roles in your local food system. This is why it is important for producers, distributors, retailers and consumers to work together to develop regional food hubs. Current hub models can: • Increase access to local food for […]

Upcoming Events Good Agricultural Practices A to Z Workshops. Funded by Purdue, as part of AgSEED Crossroads funding to support Indiana’s Agriculture and Rural Development, or by USDA/ISDA Specialty Crops Block Grant to Purdue. Programs focused on cantaloupe are also relevant to other fresh fruits and vegetables; all growers are welcome to attend. Tuesday, March […]

TAX TIME SPECIALS: Are you ready to spend your tax check? Why not buy some great healthy meat and support your local farmers! We have in stock and ready to carry out to your vehicle Little Lamb Samplers (1/2 Lamb) Package Prices include: $156.80, $153.35, $153.35, $148.75, $148.75, $148.75, $153.35, and $295.25. You can call […]