This Old Farm is Proud to announce that we were awarded the Farm Assistance Grant through the Wallace Center International!!!!!! This grant will allow our Farm to Fork Coordinator, Joshua Zimmerman to assist Farmers who are looking into up scaling their operations and would like to work with This Old Farm’s Food Hub or would […]

ATTENTION, ATTENTION WE ARE LOOKING FOR NEW ALLIANCE MEMBERS FOR OUR 2015 YEAR!!! RENEWALS TOO!!! This Old Farm is looking for new Alliance Members in the PORK, BEEF, LAMB, and POULTRY industry, (BEEF-grass-fed, grass-fed/corn finished, PORK-pasture raised, preferably non-GMO feed, will discuss other types of feed). If you are interested in becoming an Alliance Member, […]

February Sale!!!! Chicken Broilers (4# or more) – 20% – off Chicken Fryers (3-4#) – 20% – off These are great to make your own broth with too! Great for those colds! Spice up your Life with our Farmer’s Hot Breakfast Sausage – 20% off 5# pork BBQ Buckets (featured BBQ from Pork Producers Tent […]

This Old Farm has an exciting opportunity for a Sales Position that will be handling our Wholesale and Retail Accounts. There are several existing accounts, and we are looking into adding more. This position will be working with wholesale, retail, restaurants, schools, and individual consumers to help grow our unique business. The position is ideal […]

This Old Farm is looking for a Value Added (Charcuterie) Chef to add to our Family! Charcuterie a culinary specialty that originally referred to the creation of pork products such as salami, sausages, and prosciutto—is true food craftsmanship, the art of turning preserved food into items of beauty and taste. Today the term encompasses a […]