For every 1 lb of steak we sell we need to sell 50 lbs of ground beef! And we have been selling lots of steak. To help move this ground beef along we have a special for you…………… For every lb of ground get the second 1/2 off. And even better news is it works […]

Here’s to another great decade! With your support, we celebrated our 10 year mark on November 13, 2019 as This Old Farm Meats and Processing. As This Old Farm celebrated it’s 10 year mark, we were already hard at work looking at the next 10 years. We have plenty of projects planned to support family […]

In gathering with good friends of mine last Saturday, the importance of culture, food, and the right ingredients was discussed over a few drinks. My friend from Puerto Rico warmed my heart by telling me she had made midwestern chicken and noodles for the first time. Maria had first had chicken and noodles at my […]

Hanging on our wall is a picture taken years ago of Gary Rhoades, an early beef processing customer and This Old Farm Alliance farmer. Unfortunately like so many, Gary is no longer with us in physical form though his story is told with each tour done at This Old Farm. The average age of the […]

On November 18th, Evan and I will work together celebrating the harvest of turkeys! Here at This Old Farm, we handle each turkey humanely from field to table. They will be chilled and packaged for you just in time for the holiday. Call us today to put down your $25 deposit for a fresh from […]