Boy, things are happenin’ here

A big construction project is currently underway with an exciting expansion of retail space! Soon Colfax, Indiana will once again be a place to visit. Every time I tell someone that I’m from Colfax they say, “Is that the place of Miller’s catfish?” Yes, it is. Although Miller’s was forced out of business by a fire years ago, This Old Farm recovered from a devastating fire in 2010, when we quickly rebuilt and reopened in 7 months and have been working hard to build a successful business ever since.

Now we have a firm foundation to build upon and exciting plans for growth over the next 5-10 years! Please be patient with us as business is not as usual on site. When construction is complete, it will be a place to come, to experience how “real food” is produced and to choose from a variety of meat, produce, and locally produced items in our new retail space.

To keep up with growing business, we have just hired six new staff members and several more will be joining us! Stay tuned to hear more about that and updates on the construction project and when our new retail store will open.

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