Bursting At The Seams!

As most of you probably know, our processing schedule is completely booked for the remainder of 2020 and all but a few months of 2021.

This means our freezers are at capacity (and then some)! Please help us help you and your customers by promptly picking up your order(s) once you receive notification.

As always, we appreciate your business and support!


  1. wendy dee

    What do you sell and what are your prices?

    1. Cindy Suter

      We have a retail store of local products including jams, honey, barbecue sauces, etc. Of course we also have locally source meat cuts of 100% grass fed lamb, pasture raised pork, pasture raised chicken and turkey, and grain finished beef. Our 100% grass fed beef will be back in stock soon as well. Feel free to visit our website at shop.thisoldfarm.com!


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