Business Division Offically Added

Friday morning, the 13th, we closed on our new processing division, a 7000 sq foot facility.  Fortunately we are not superstitious.  We are very excited to have met an established business goal roughly 6 months ahead of schedule.  When does that ever happen?

This Old Farm Meats and Processing a division of This Old Farm, Inc was added on November 13, 2009 to expand the offering of locally raised meats and further support sustainable farming through the addition of natural meat processing services from poultry processing, to nitrate free pork cures, deer processing, longer dry age times for grass fed beef.  Through these services and through alliances being formed with other local sustainable growers we wish to better serve our existing customers and expand into servicing commercial markets.  We look forward to serving your meat needs and local produce needs (to be added) whether they be for your family, university, or corporation.  Please contact us for further information.  We would love to share our expanded business model with you and discover how we can best serve you with locally raised meats and produce, the best Indiana can offer!