Butcher Shop Update

We had a great holiday at the Lafayette shoppe.! Thank you all for the support and for letting us provide you with your holiday roast. This month check out some of our sharable family size steaks and roasts so you can continue the communal feeling from the holiday. One of our favorite family steaks is the London Broil. The London Broil is cut from the round of the beef and is lean and flavorful. Lucas, at the Butcher Shoppe, loves to marinate it overnight in equal parts ketchup, soy sauce and red wine. He then cooks it until still pink on the inside on the grill, broiler or pan and lets it rest for 5 minutes before slicing. You can take the leftover marinade and boil it for a few minutes and use it as a sauce. Next time you stop by ask a butcher what they enjoy, and they will be more than happy to lead you in the right direction.

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