Butcher Shop Update

6 more weeks, no problem. It’s time to cozy up to a warming dutch oven filled with pot roast. Did you know that you can use a variety of cuts in a pot roast? The traditional cut is a 7-bone chuck roast, but you can also use a round bone arm roast, bottom round roast, short ribs, beef shank or even a pork butt roast. All of these can be cooked in the same pot roasting method. My favorite way to cook a pot roast is to brown the roast in a heavy pot with a lid, sauté some aromatic vegetables, add some tomato paste, add enough wine/broth to halfway cover the roast. Bring the whole thing to a boil and then let it slowly braise in the oven at 325 degrees for about 3 hours. Flip the roast halfway through and add root vegetables at that point. Let it rest for 30 minutes before serving and chow down. Ask a butcher at the shop and they can lead you in the right direction.
We are also starting to utilize our Lafayette butcher shop as our education center. On March 16th we will be having our first installment of “Beers, Butchers and BBQ” which is our Producer Education Series. This first event, “Making the Secreto Less of A Secret”, will showcase the difference between American and European style hog breakdown. In partnership with Routes to Farm, this event is free to Farmers and $125 for eaters (non-farmers). Contact us soon to reserve your spot for a night of meaty entertainment. (765) 324-2161

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