Class Time: Pastured Poultry Successes and Failures from Eggs to Meat

When:  Sat, August 28, 2:00pm – 3:30pm

Where:  This Old Farm 7206 N 950 E  Darlington, IN  47940
Description:  This Old Farm first started selling pastured poultry 9 years ago. We will discuss the many phases of our growth over the last several years. Trial and error does not have to be repeated. We will share what systems of pastured poultry we have tried and what we have found to work best for us and what has not worked.  Because we had to reschedule the “Perfect Egg” class they are being combined.  We will cover both meat and eggs in one class!  This week we will also be looking at how we manage our layers.  We will discuss how they are brooded, what they are fed, molting, why they aren’t laying, and how to take care of the eggs.
Cost: $15 with a $5 discount for any good farm implement (ie shovel, pitch fork, hose etc.)
Please RSVP to Some classed require a minimum class size so your RSVP is important.  I need to know who to get a hold of in the event of an emergency like a child with a broken arm. 
Thank you for your interest!