Come Dine With Us!

We want to say a big thank you to Paco and Kirsten Serrano!  Not only have they supported us through our first year in the distribution of locally raised premium foods through their use of our food products in their Lafayette restaurant, La Scala, but they reached out to us after our facility burned to the ground.  Kirsten called and asked if she could do a fundraiser for us.  The funds will go straight to building the facility that will support our local farms in processing.  We lose 5% each and every year of the processing facilities around our nation that give us choice when it comes to our food .  In many states a farmer has to travel 400 miles to have meat processed.  I am so glad that the fire will not add us to that statistic.  We appreciate each and every one of you that has reached out to make sure we rebuild.  Come join us as we celebrate the roof going on our new facility at La Scala on this Tuesday.

Feeding the Farmers’ That Feed Us.  March 8, 2011
15 % of sales that Tuesday will be donated to the rebuilding effort now taking place.
In addition, the Serrano family will be dining with the owners and employees at 6 PM that evening and would love to have folks who are interested in healthy local foods, This Old Farm, and La Scala’s Farm to Fork initiative join us.
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Kirsten Serrano

La Scala Italian Restaurant