Compost makes the farm go round……. Class time!

This Saturday’s class is on my favorite topic.  Not every girl gets excited by making good soil.

Composting 101

When:  Sat, June 19, 2:00pm – 3:30pm
Where:  This Old Farm 7206 N 950 E  Darlington, IN  47940
Class Description:  Have you ever thought that organic gardening meant that you just didn’t have to put anything down such as fertilizers or pesticides and the plants would still look great? Learn what alternative techniques we can utilize when we are wanting to avoid chemical fertilizers. The plants need nutrients if we want nutrient dense food. How can we supply them? Composting!
Cost $15 with a $5 discount for any good garden implement donated to the farm (ie hoes, shovels, soaker hose, etc…) If in doubt, ask if we need it.