Do you know your butcher?

If you have dealt with or currently utilize another meat processor, do you get to see your butcher in action or even know his/her name? More than likely the answer is no. What about the folks who debone, grind, package, and label? We proudly recognize all of our staff and appreciate their hard work! Ever want to see them in action? Stop in and watch through our viewing window during regular business hours. Many of our staff are cross trained and fulfill many functions. One day they may be building fences on the farm and the next day deboning your beef. The flexibility and loyal service is appreciated!

Lead Butcher (and third generation in his family): Adam Oswalt
Butcher (and Jessica’s youngest son): Evan Smith
Processing Staff (these are the guys who debone, grind and cut): Morgan Springer, Pierce Hankins, Austin Elmore, Gabe Truitt
Packaging & Kitchen: Eric Boyd
Quality Assurance & Packaging: Jenny Mullendore, Sabrina Garrison
Invoicing, Accounting, & Packaging: Michael Childers
Director of Processing Operations (and slaughter schedule wizard): Kendra Rairdon
Slaughter Floor & Building Maintenance Manager (and Jessica’s husband): Lucas Roosa
Slaughter Floor & Processing (stay on their good side): Rachael Harvey, Brock Kelm, Francisco Salinas, Sergio Palomino Leyva
Customer Service, Cut Instructions & Sanitation (Jessica’s oldest daughter and our ray of sunshine): Jada Smith
Customer Service, Invoicing, Kitchen, & Sanitation (master bacon weigher): Ariel Swisher
Distribution Manager (spends most of his time in the freezer): Ian Lee
Farmer Sales Rep. (and endless source of hog knowledge): Travis Hood
Wholesale Farm to Fork Representative (house mom): Cindy Suter
Sanitation (the one who cleans up after all of us): Felix Santiago
I.T. (resident computer guru and 2020 Wabash College Grad): Devan Luckey

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Jessica Roosa, the Owner and President of This Old Farm, who trusts us all to keep her dream alive and moving forward. On behalf of all of us, thank you for your business (and patience) as 2020 looks to be our busiest ever!

Collaboratively written by Travis Hood & Cindy Suter (because Travis has a way with words and Cindy can translate them to a PG content)

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