Employee Spotlight – Adam Oswalt

This month’s featured employee is Adam Oswalt. Adam is one of our team members not often seen, but has one of the most important roles at This Old Farm Meats and Processing as our day shift processing manager and lead butcher. If you come in during the day, you can often view Adam at the saw cutting down a carcass.

Adam joined This Old Farm in May, 2014, and has worked hard to develop our value added products, including Cotto Salami and award winning ring bologna. He continues to work to develop all natural hot dogs and has been working with the team on new sausage seasoning flavors. Adam is a third generation butcher and brings nearly 20 years of meat cutting experience to This Old Farm. We are grateful to have his skills and knowledge on our team (he makes the rest of us look good)!

When he’s not at work, Adam spends time walking fields with Travis searching for arrowheads and other artifacts, honing his repertoire on the oddities and curiosities of history, eating chicken wings, and spending time with family. An interesting fact about Adam, he studied to be an archeologist!

Contributing author and photo creds: Travis Hood

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