Employee Spotlight – Ian J. Lee

You hear the voices when you call and see the faces when you come in, but you don’t always get to know us. Each month, we will introduce you to one of our staff members. This month we are shining the light on Ian (pronounced EE-uhn) J. Lee, Distribution Manager.

Ian joined This Old Farm in August, 2019, with an interest in butchery. He brings various talents and skills from his previous jobs, which have been an asset. Ian grew up in the area and lives in Frankfort, so coming to work with us was a welcome change for him and us! He has a great work ethic, brings ideas and suggestions for organizing the freezers more efficiently, and has a great sense of humor (especially with some of his impersonations). If you’ve ever seen our freezers, you know it’s like a big game of Jenga or Tetris when putting orders on shelves or pallets and can be quite a challenge. Ian and his wife recently welcomed their third child and those of us who have filled in for him have realized just how difficult it is to find room for two boxes much less 19 or more! Ian was one of the first staff members to complete the Range Meat Academy Meat Clerk and Meat Cutter courses offered to all employees and he’s been a blessed addition to our poultry slaughter team this fall.

When Ian isn’t at work, he spends time with his wife, Morgan, and their three children (Amos, Alice, and Aldous). He occasionally has spare time to play video games, listen to music, and enjoy outdoor activities.

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