Experimental Hot Dogs

After about six months of researching meat casing and seasonings that met our standards, this week we put in our first test batch of hot dogs! Though this product will probably not be on our shelves for a little while more, the development of value added goods is extremely important to us. It usually takes two years for an item to move from conception in a meeting, to our retail shelves, an we’re just taking the first steps.

Value added goods are extremely important to sustainable agriculture. Value added items are any items that take potential waste or something that may not be very valuable, and turn it into a valuable, marketable item. They allow us to utilize the whole animal, increasing the efficient use of supplies required in local agriculture.

As I said this product will probably not be on the shelves for a little while, but it is a wonderful step forward for us. When it does arrive, you can be sure that it will meet all the standards that we believe in at This Old Farm. Until than, we’ll continue to work on bringing this great new product to you!