Farm to School Success! From field to cafeteria.


October is the month we nationally celebrate Farm to School. While we have several schools dedicated to making Farm to School success stories each and every month, October was a month of buzz surrounding our Farm to School activities here in Indiana as well. I was fortunate to not only speak on Farm to School activities in Indiana but to join several students as they learned a bit about where their food comes from. Sometimes these stories include new school gardens, or a featured farm visit, or serving products purchased from This Old Farm and our alliance of growers. As a member of The Indiana Farm to School Network and the chair of the procurement committee, I have seen a great amount of progress in Indiana Farm to School activities. This is some of my favorite food system work. But none of the success stories are closer to my heart than the project I am watching unfold for Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation as pictured above. Here you see a beef project kick off on the high school level with the goal of putting student raised beef onto the lunch menu. I can think of no better way to connect students to their food source than to help them business plan, project plan, and carry out a project that will put calves in building that are built by students. The ground is ground that the school previously spent money mowing, but will now be fenced to keep calves safely grazing until time for harvest. At that point they will be trailered to This Old Farm’s harvest facilities to be federally inspected, processed, and returned to the school to be featured on their lunch menus. This is one of three similar beef projects in Indiana that deserve recognition for the forethought and hands on approach allowed by a supportive Farm to School administration. Way to go Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation!

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