Farming Day and Night

Though spring is still far off, the lambing season is coming into full throttle! Lambing season naturally occurs in the heart of winter, and here at This Old Farm it came a little early this year. Lambing season is perhaps among the more stressful times for us farm hands for one simple reason, it’s cold!

Nothing works when it’s cold. Water doesn’t flow, diesel equipment won’t start quickly, and everything seems to fall apart (likely due to the general lack of patience, as nobody wants to stay in one place and tinker with something for too long for love of their fingers). Add to this the fact that the flock of sheep needs to be checked on a regular basis, and you have a hectic time ahead of you. Many sleep deprived nights result from hearing the bleating of a new mother, to which we quickly get up to help her and her lambs into the warmer and more secluded lambing quarters.

A livestock farmer is always on call.  Just because it’s the weekend doesn’t mean animals don’t need water, and just because it’s cold and dark doesn’t mean the lambs can wait. Farming is more than a profession, it is a way of life. It’s your job, hobby, night and day, spring through winter.  This is why we’re so passionate about supporting local agriculture.  These people truly put their lives into their job, and when you’re enjoying your Christmas morning, there is a farmer out there breaking ice for the animals and likely welcoming a new baby lamb.  They raise our food, they do it with passion, and we thank them for it.

Conner Smith