Freezer Beef and Pork! Bulk meats at farmer cost!?!

Business is good!  Our custom processing freezers are over filling.  We have a quote coming for an all new freezer but it won’t be done before we bust out at the seems so we are offering freezer beef and pork at cost to you!  Let us fill you freezer at what will surely be the season low.

Rhoades Red Angus Beef- Gary Rhoades lives just outside of Brownsburg, IN.  He raises Red Angus cattle on pasture, finishing them on a corn ration.  The result is a nice lean but flavorful beef.  His cattle are never implanted.  They receive no antibiotics.  Or….

Bill Runner-Bill raises beef for us outside of Clarks Hill, IN.  He has a lifetime of experience in raising well marbled , nicely finished beef.  No need for any additives when you care for the cattle the way Bill does.

Both farmers have beef hanging in our cooler, offered to you at just $1.32/lb live weight plus processing.  We would love to sell you a half at an estimated price of $462 plus processing of roughly $200.  Quarters and whole beef also available.

Now, beef isn’t all you eat, right??

Special pork prices are also available.  Now this isn’t just any pork.  Derrick Cameron and Bart Rowland raise hogs for us outside feeding them plenty of greens.  Greens?  Yes, hogs benefit greatly from eating their veggies too.  Just like us.  They enjoy the sunshine, good clean food, and no medicated feed.  It just isn’t needed when they are raised in small batches with good clean air.

For a limited time, we have half hogs available for $1.oo/lb live weight plus processing.  That is just $125 plus processing of roughly $100 depending on what types of smoked meat and sausages you get.  UMmmmmm, bacon!

Call us today to place your order.  (765) 324-2161.