Fresh from the Farm………….

Each week our supply changes as we process fresh from the farm for our retail and wholesale customers.  This week we will be processing 100% grass fed beef.  If you don’t have an order in, give us a call.  Next week we will do one of our last batches of pasture raised poultry.  This batch of poultry is certified organic and raised on pasture.  We will be bringing in pasture raised hogs from our farm at the end of the week.  These hogs were fed certified organic grain and raised outside on grass.  I am extra excited because we just got the lard kettle also known as a steam kettle up and running.  Now we can think about those holiday pies!  If your freezer isn’t full with meat straight from the farm, give us a call and we will fill it up with the good meat.  I just read an article today about the benefits of stocking up for winter.  It talked about meat being highest in CLA’s Omega 3’s and other health promoting benefits right as we go into winter as the livestock has stored these nutrients in preparation for winter.  By purchasing in the fall you are getting the most bang for your buck.  It went on to talk about the economics of filling your freezer with nutrient dense meats as opposed to vegetables and fruits which are less compact.  I have to agree that there is something innate in all of us to stock up before bad weather hits.  Call (765) 324-2161.  We love to talk to you!