Grass-fed beef this week?

We will be cutting fresh Grass-fed Beef this week.  Now is the time to place your order for a 1/4 or a half a beef.

A quarter of a beef has a hanging weight of roughly 150 lbs.  We charge $4.25/lb ($3.50 for the beef and $.75 for the processing.)  Your total cost will be right around $700.  A quarter beef will yield the following cuts….

2-Arm roasts, 1 brisket, 5 chuck roasts, 6 rib eyes, 4 round steaks, 1 rump roast, 2 short ribs, 4 sirloin steaks, 2 sirloin tip roasts, 1 swiss steak, 2 stew meat, 7 t-bone steaks, 40 lbs of ground beef

We can grind anything you do not want.  We will take the time to walk you through the cutting instructions so we get exactly what you want.

Is a quarter too much?  We are happy to introduce you to grass-fed beef with a smaller order.  Call today at (765) 324-2161 to get information on our smaller packages or come on in for just a few packages of ground beef at a time.  Our freezers are packed with Indiana’s best pastured meats.  We love to see you!