Happy Memorial Day!

Looks like perfect weather for grilling!  We hope we are part of your festivities by having our meats on your grill.  If not, consider making us part of the next time you grill out.  From pasture raised chicken breasts coming from chickens fed non GMO grains or organic grains by your choice to msg free brats to 1 1/2 thick cut steaks we have something for everyone.  No need to wonder what makes our meat different, we will tell you.  We believe in 100% traceability so that you can choose what your family is eating. 

With our chicken you have the choice of having it fed certified organic grains or non GMO grains.  You don’t have the choice of confinement or no confinement.  All of our poultry is raised outside on the grass for great nutrient density.  Poultry are omnivores meaning they need a varied diet just like we do.  We need our greens and so do they. 

With our beef, you have the choice of 100% grassfed or grain supplemented.  While 100% grassfed meat has a much higher Omega 3 and CLA count some people prefer the traditional corn supplemented or finished beef.  None of our beef comes from a Western feedlot.  It is all grown right here in Indiana. 

With our pork, you have a choice for Pasture raised and or Organic Pork.  We also have traditional Indiana raised pork.  All of our pork is processed without the use of msg’s, other preservatives, or salt nitrates. 

Give us a call at (765) 376-2014 to learn more about our products.  None of our products are repackaged boxed meats.  Our alliance grows all of our meat right here in Indiana.  If you are purchasing from another butcher, ask them if that is the case in their shop.