Harvest Season

I sat down with Erick this week for a cherished moment of quiet.  A smile came to my face as I looked out at the first yellow leaves of the season.  My mind sang with praises of fall.  Sweatshirts are coming back out.  Kids are back to the books. Combines are in the fields as the harvest season begins.  In Indiana, we are used to associating harvest time with the site of the combines in the field.  We think of the pumpkins ripening, but we often don’t think about the natural harvest times for livestock.  Grass farmers know that as the grass starts to wane, it is time to have customers in line for the meat that is coming.  A season, two in the case of beef, has gone into raising healthful meats for the table.  This is the best time for you to get it for your table.  As the grass season comes to an end, so too will the pastured poultry season.  Pastured pork raises out perfectly in one growing season and is now ready for harvest.  This week we will be bringing in 17 of our pastured hogs, ready to be sold.  They have enjoyed the season, creating their own mud wholes, rooting and snacking on the greens left in the field, and eating the garden leftoevers along with their organic feeds.  Let us know if you have not yet placed an order.  While we raise a good amount of pastured pork and pastured poultry we do only a minimal amount of beef.  The greatest quantity of beef is ready for the freezer in Indiana before winter hits hard.  It is time to support your local farmers.  We can help you do just that.  It is a fantastic job to talk to those that feed us each day.  It’s the season for all local beef, free range poultry, and pastured pork producers to be calling looking for an expanded market.  It is our time to reach out to you to support them.  If we don’t, we will lose our choice for healthful food.  Last week, a long time beef farmer, Bill Runner called to say he can’t keep farming if he can’t get all of his beef sold.  Give us a call so we can keep family farming in Indiana alive while providing you with the best quality, environmentally conscious meat available.  Make Bill’s day!