Have You Ever Wondered Why?

Have you ever wondered why This Old Farm requires cut instructions be in house by the time the animal arrives or why we want them submitted on our website? Here are the answers to those and other FAQ’s to guide you through our process!

What is the livestock drop off sheet and why do I need it? The livestock drop off sheet is what starts our traceability process and connects the farmer with his/her customers.

Why is the animal ID number not my tag number? The animal ID number is an internal number assigned prior to the animal arriving at our facility.
It is how we trace the carcass through our system and insure that you are taking home only meat from that animal. It is also how we track the quantity of each specie that are processed annually.

Why do cut instructions have to be submitted online? In an effort to be more efficient, less wasteful, and reduce human errors, we prefer to have cut instructions submitted via our website. By utilizing the online system, we are able to decrease the amount of paper used and storage needed for the paper cut sheets. It also gives us the opportunity to gather any contact information changes from your last order. The biggest reason we prefer to have them submitted online is to reduce human error when our staff manually enters from the paper form into our computer template.

Why do cut instructions have to be received by the slaughter appointment? We have always wanted the cut instructions by the time the animal comes in so that we have plenty of time to review prior to cutting the orders. This allows our staff time to reach out with questions prior to finalizing the cut instructions and assignments. It has become more critical the last few months as we have nearly doubled the number of animals moving through our facility with the same number of office staff. Not so long ago, pigs were brought in on Tuesday and we started cutting on Thursday, which gave us a little leeway. Now, we are reviewing and assigning as soon as the carcass comes off the slaughter floor in preparation to be cut the next day!

When will my smoked meats be done? Typically, smoked meat takes about two weeks from the processing date to complete.

Why didn’t I get the offals? Offals must be requested on the livestock drop off sheet when the animal arrives. These are harvested by the slaughter team who works from the drop off sheet, not the cut instructions.

Why do you need a credit card for a livestock appointment? Farmers are required to have a credit card on file OR pay a deposit to secure his/her appointments on our slaughter schedule. In the event you cancel or do not bring in all animals as scheduled, the credit card on file will be charged $50 per animal. This policy is to thwart overscheduling and being able to accommodate as many farmers as possible.

This Old Farm prides itself on supporting local farmers, their customers, and communities throughout Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, and beyond. In order for us to continue our mission, these processes and procedures are necessary. We appreciate your understanding, patience, and loyalty as we all work together to rejuvenate the land one farm at a time!

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