Horticulture Congress; Farm to School Round Table!

Jeff and I spent three days this week talking to produce growers and networking with those interested in an Indiana that grows more than Corn and Soybeans during the Horticulture Congress.  This Old Farm is always looking for new produce growers to make our mission and our dreams come true.  Part of that dream has been seeing an Indiana that can feed its communities and its children.  I have been fortunate enough to see a time when those dreams are becoming real.  There is a new but strong Farm to School presence in Indiana as a group of legislatures and industry leaders have joined the table to talk through hurdles and infrastructure needs.  In fact some schools are already buying locally produced produce.  Because This Old Farm works to bring many produce and meat growers together, we are looking forward to eliminating many of the hurdles that prevent schools from using local foods.  We are ready to see an Indiana that is feeding our children the best food possible from our own Indiana Soils.  Thank you to those  that are working together to bring a strong Farm to School Presence to Indiana.