If a Picture is Worth a 1000 Words, What is a Name Worth??

No Fighting Please!
We know you want to win, but no fighting please!

THIS OLD FARM, INC. (TOFI) Ground Pork Seasoned Sausage Naming Contest!

We are in search for some great ideas to update the classic names of our pork sausage.  When we started butchering three years ago, we knew we had been limited at other butchers to just a few, preservative laden sausages.  You could choose from mild breakfast sausage or hot breakfast sausage!  Wow, what choice.  Looking at the ingredient list made us less than happy.  The first thing we worked on when we began processing for both farmers and their customers as well as us and our alliance of farms was sausage choices.  We came up with 10 different seasoning blends that we loved, none of which had any ingredients you would not recognize.  Just clean pork and seasoning!  While we came up with some fantastic taste profiles, we did not work on names.  Now it is your turn to help us.  As our customer’s, we know you have come to find your favorite sausage.  Be rewarded for your love of good, simple, clean food by submitting a new name suggestion for your favorite This Old Farm Sausage.
Eligibility:  Anyone with a great idea and who wants bragging rights to naming a TOFI sausage.  A 20% discount will be offered on any sausages being purchased to sample for the naming contest.  No purchase is necessary for eligibility.
Visit the shopping cart to order sausage, choose cash on delivery and place sausage naming contest in the notes box to receive your discount.
How to Enter:  Contestants can email their sausage name ideas to stacy@thisoldfarminc.com.  Please indicate the classic sausage name along with the new sausage name idea you are submitting.
For example:
Old Name: The Edge                                     New name: TOFI’s Most Popular Sausage
Old Name: Witts                                             New name: Butcher’s Favorite
Old Name:  Hot The Edge                           New name:  Some Like It Hot
Old Name:  Maple                                          New name:  You get the idea
Old Name:  Mild Italian                             New name:  You get the idea
Old Name:  Legg’s                                          New name:  You get the idea
Old Name:  Salt, Pepper, Sage                  New name:  You get the idea
Old Name:  Hot Italian                                New name:  You get the idea
Submit one name or a suggestion for each sausage for more chances to win.
How To Win:  Have the most clever, fun, or descriptive sausage name chosen by TOFI staff.
Deadline:  Please submit your sausage name ideas by April 15th, 2013.  The winners will be announced in the TOFI Newsletter.  The sausage names will be featured on our new and improved labels that Stacy has been working hard on to further tell the story of This Old Farm.
Prizes:  Besides bragging rights to re-naming a TOFI sausage, you will recieve 5 lbs. of the sausage you re-named  for free!
Note: Names will be chosen by TOFI staff only and are subject to change at any point based on research and legality.