It May Be August, But We are Cooling Down!

The freezer turned on yesterday! Over the next week our freezer warehousing space will be cooling down quite literally. It is enough space that we were told to give it a full week to get down to where we want to hold product at. I know many of our farmers and customers have recieved calls telling them that we are out of space over the last year and asking for quick pick up. This is certainly not the kind of pressure I want to pass on. We spent half a million to take the pressure off! Hopefully it pays off as once the racking is in we go from having 10 pallet spaces for frozen product to having 150 pallet spaces. This will in turn allow us to turn one of our current freezers into work in process cooling space allowing us to move more livestock through our facility. Thank you for your patience as we worked through some of the growing challenges. Now it is time to tell your friends and family that we are increasing our numbers and ready to book more livestock in. The 2022 schedule is ready to be filled!

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