Just a Few Days Left for Early Season 10% off discount.

This week marks the last week for prepaid orders to recieve 10% off.  Preseason orders greatly help us determine how much to grow.  Early season payments help us take care off all the upfront costs early in the season when the return is low.  Many traditional farms look towards financial institutions to offer operating loans preseason to cover the costs of production and then pay those loans off at harvest time.  Here at This Old Farm, we look towards the community of supporters we have gathered to help cover the early season costs of producing healthy food.  We are then able to pass along a discount as a form of thanks.  We also have a monthly budget plan with a 5% discount.  To access an order form scroll to the bottom of  “Our Products” page.  Always remember there is a season for all things.  We appreciate the support you give the farm in any way you are able.