Learning Opportunity

Great Harvest Organics and Advancing Eco-Agriculture are excited to present the First Annual Regenerative Farming Field Days

When:  August 24th and 25, 2012

Where:  on the farm of Bio-Energetic Harmonics, (Marietta Pickett) 317-773-0061 26715

Devaney Rd. Atlanta, IN 46031.

Details:  Registration 8:30AM Presentations at 9AM

Sustainable, Biological, Regenerative, Organic
These words describe farming methods that have a goal to build, for future generations, land that is fertile, productive and alive.
Come and learn how seed genetics, soil health, cover crops and targeted plant nutrition all work together to create productive, high quality crops that can stand up to even the toughest weather conditions.
Advancing Eco-Agriculture understands the soil and plant relationship as a living system and teaches methods that co-operate with nature in a total systems approach. They teach these methods and partner with you to help you to regenerate and sustain a fertile, productive and profitable growing environment on your farm.
Enjoy a program of presentations, field walks, panel discussions, cover crops, scouting and testing that will help you put the latest in regenerative farming tools and methods to work for you and increase your bottom line. Lunch will be provided.