Let the Fun Begin!

In two weeks, on May 29th at 2 pm we start our season of education on the farm.  It is exciting for me to see my children so excited about “garden class” (see below for a complete syllabus of what we will be learning as it is not just garden class).  It could not be more fun than to get outside with really cool people, accomplish something meaningful, and then for the kids have a chance to play.  We would love to have you join us for fun on the farm! 

(Please note that an incorrect date has been announced.  If you have any questions, call Jessica at (765) 324-2161.)

Educational CSA (20 weeks-May 28 to Oct 9) This Old Farm is launching a workshop series to be held Saturday afternoons, from 2 PM to 3:30PM at the farm or other location upon notification.  We will share information about different aspects of farm life from organic gardening to raising chickens to preserving the harvest.  Whether you are new to growing your own food or a seasoned veteran, there will be something for everyone.  They make a great addition to your home school curriculum.   The classes can be taken ala carte or as part of our produce CSA.  Each class is $15 or $20/family with a discount offered when donating a garden implement to the farm.  We would love to have you join us for the season.  As a CSA share owner you will be registered in each of the available workshops.  As is standard with a CSA, you will receive a share of the harvest each week representing a basketful of produce intended to fulfill the needs of a family of four.  Each Educational CSA is $550 payable in two installments. 

 Class basics  Each class consists of a learning time and a hands on time.  We will in general follow this schedule: 2pm-3:30pm 

15 minutes of class time to get a back ground of the presented topic.  Hand outs provided. 

30 minutes of hands on with the kids involved.  Most kids are then ready for a break so they clean up their tools and enjoy playing on the farm.

30 minutes of continued hands on for the adults or older children. 

15 minutes clean up and wrapping up with any last minute questions.  Pick up of produce.


Planned schedule:  A syllabus has been created.  Please keep in mind that changes may be made based on participant request or farm and weather needs.  Call for confirmation 765-324-2161 weekdays; 765 436-2186 Saturdays.  Visit the calendar for more details.


May 29 Behind the Scenes-Tour of the Farm             August 7  Fall Gardening

June 5 Starting your Own Heirloom Garden              August 14 Processing/Butchering 101

June 12  Composting 101                                           August 21 Meat Cuts

June 19 Jams, jellies, and more                                   August 28 Beneficial Insects and Pests

June 26 Rotational Grazing                                        September 4 Pastured Poultry

July 3 26 Weed Management                                     September 11  Preserving the Harvest

July 10 Harvesting                                                      September 18  Extending the Harvest

July 17 Wild crafting                                                  September 25  Livestock Management

July 24 From Butter to Cheese; Home Dairying        October 2  Potatoes and Other Roots

July 31  Raising Your Own Eggs                               October 9  Sustainable Living-Wrapping it all up


We look forward to growing with you this summer.  Whether it be vegetables or knowledge, it feeds the heart!