Let’s Stick Together

We are all in this together! It goes without saying that all businesses where food is its livelihood and main source of income have been directly impacted by Covid-19. When shoppers flocked to the big box grocery stores and stripped the shelves, freezers, and meat cases, it drew attention to the locally owned markets, retailers, and farmers to help feed families. This Old Farm Meats and Processing rose to the task and, through our alliance with local farmers, was able to help sustain our local meat supply. Our hope is that folks remember us when their freezers are running low and they need to restock.

Because everyone in the entertainment and hospitality industry has been affected, some are finding creative ways to keep going. Caterers are preparing meals and delivering to area homes. Rather than close completely, the locally owned bars and restaurants have gone to a limited carry out and/or delivery menu. This may mean they are buying in limited quantities rather than from the big food distributor who has changed routes and is also facing the challenges of supply and demand while keeping employees safe. This Old Farm is able to help these businesses by maintaining our mission of providing the best locally and sustainably raised food possible.

When panic buying stops, social distancing ceases, non-essential travel bans are lifted, and our lives can return to normal (whatever that will look like post Coronavirus), will you continue to shop local and help sustain the family owned business? Will you dine in at the local restaurant who had to lay off employees? Will you help rebuild the local economy that suffered during this crisis? We should all be saying yes, yes, yes! We’re all in this together, so let’s keep it going when things get good again!

Go wash your hands, stay safe & stay healthy!
Cindy Suter
Wholesale Farm to Fork Specialist

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