Life on the Road

Coming back into Indiana and seeing the glory of the changing leaves was a welcoming site.  In just the few days we were gone the landscape had changed.  Home is never sweeter than when you have been away.

We had a fantastic trip and enjoyed the opportunity to learn from Good Natured Family Farm’s own Diana Endicott.  She was a wonderful inspiration.  In spending the day with her, it was evident how hard she has worked and continues to work to make availability of local foods a reality in Kansas City.  She was working on this project long before there was national press.  While at the Ball Foods Central Warehouse we also saw the dedication of a local operation of 29 grocery stores including Hen House led by David Ball, COO, in providing availability of local foods.   Together they have developed a network from farm to customer that connects people with their food locally.   It was a wonderful opportunity to be a part of experiencing their passion.

Not only was our trip afforded with the opportunity to learn from others, but also in the opportunity to reflect and see the good steps we have taken to support sustainable farming and local foods here at home in Indiana.  The long car ride and quiet mornings gave time to gain headway in planning for our new endeavors.   They gave time to mark the progress done and the work yet to come.  All of which will bring us one step closer to supporting our own operation and the operation of other local sustainable growers through a processing facility.  We are on target to close on the facility in early November, just around the corner.  We will then begin to expand the offerings of our natural meats while offering services to other growers.  Is it really necessary to ship beef from Indiana to Nebraska to be processed?  According to Victoria Wesseler’s site Going Local $73 of every $100 spent locally stays locally compared with $43 spent at a non local business.  That represents the road to a better economy.  Together lets make a difference by supporting local sustainable farming!