March Newsletter

March Newsletter

We can feel spring trying to bloom. The last of the snow is melting and the lambs have started to hit the ground at the farm. It really is a glorious time of the year. We will have bottle fed lambs available for sale soon and feeders available in 60 days or so. We are also selling one of our proven rams. Please contact the Colfax office if you are interested (765) 324-2161

Butcher Shop Update
With Spring here, it is time to polish off your grills and get grilling. I typically grill all year round and shovel a path to it even when we have a foot of snow. This year, I decided to stay inside and perfect a different cooking technique, the reverse sear. This is an amazing technique that produce consistently cooked steaks. The execution is simple and relies on non-specialty equipment. Take a steak and throw it in a 250* oven. Cook it until it is 110* for rare, 120* for med rare and etc. When your desired temp is reached take it out of the oven and let it rest until you are ready to finish it in a pan. Sear both sides to get a nice crust. You can also use this technique and just sear your steaks on the grill. It saves time and produces a great steak. Try this with chuck steaks, round steaks or anything our butchers recommend.
March is also a great time to fill your freezer with delicious and nutritious locally raised ground beef. Our March Special is a 10LBS box of locally raised ground beef for $77.47. Stop by the Butcher Shoppe and stock up.
March 16th will be our first installment of “Beers, Butchers and BBQ”. This first event, “Making the Secreto Less of A Secret”, will showcase the difference between American and European style hog breakdown. Our second installment will be April 13th and will be focusing on the breakdown of the chuck primal. In partnership with Routes to Farm, this event is free to Farmers and $125 for eaters (non-farmers). Contact us soon to reserve your spot for a night of meaty entertainment. (765) 324-2161

TOFI Processing Facility Update
We just got back from the Indiana Meat Packers and Processors Association conference and are full of fresh ideas to better serve our farmers. You can find more information about IMMPA here: .
We also wanted to share a great opportunity for new farmers led by our friends at Angelic Organics. It is a program called Stateline Farm Beginnings. Check out the programs information here:
Also, we are now booking livestock appointments! That’s right, we need your help spreading the word to farmers, that we are current on our schedule and looking for animals to fill spots so we can make GOOD MEAT! Give us a call at (765) 324-2161

Wholesale Update
Over the past year we have been developing the Chicago foodshed market and increasing source identified local protein options for retailers, restaurants, and distributors. Please contact our Chicago Wholesale Rep James to discuss opportunities in sourcing and distribution. He can be reached at

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