Medical Chef’s?

Johnson and Wales University and the Tulane Medical School are taking steps in what many may perceive as an awkward direction. They are creating a joint program between the medical school and the culinary school to teach future doctors how to cook, and future chefs about nutrition. While it may make some think twice when they hear their doctor spent several semesters learning how to make gourmet meals, to me, it only makes sense.

Nothing has more everyday influence on our body then the food we eat. Most of us eat three meals a day, every day, for most of our lives. It only makes logical sense that little could affect our bodies more, nor have a longer lasting effect than a long term change in diet. In addition, training the next generation of chefs about nutrition could raise the standards of nutritional quality across the nation.

As a nation, we fail to fully recognize the complex connection between food and our health. By bridging the connection, and showing doctors their duty to having a working knowledge base of food, and giving chefs an understanding of nutrition, we can bring the two together to help create a healthier nation.

Conner Smith

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