Merry Christmas to that Hard to Buy For Person On Your List.

When we were first married, Erick used to ask everyone at the holidays for meat.  If there was a company drawing he wanted steak,  If family was involved he wanted more steak.  The next year he wanted the same thing, steak.  Now that I can cook I am fine sharing my less than stellar venture into the world of matrimony.  You see, I had been a vegetarian for years.  I had not yet learned how to cook.  A whole chicken was down right scary.  In fact I have heard too many times now that all I was able to serve my new husband was a microwave potato with many variations when we first got together. Cheese and broccoli was a favorite of mine but didn’t excite him much.  Fast forward 16 years I learned from those early hints.  I would like to think I learned well how to satisfy the man in my life and now my 5 children.  When I cook good meat for my now 15 year old son I get the best “I love you mom” accompanied by a hug.  You see, a good meal not only feeds the belly but the soul.  If you have someone left on your Christmas list think about This Old Farm.  Whether the person is young and just starting out or has everything they could possibly want we can help you pick a gift like no other they will receive.  We like to send you out of the store with our insulated bags lined with green and red tissue paper but filled with locally raised meat, cheeses, jams, jellies, pickles, salsas, and honey.  There are many possibilities but some prefer to use our gift certificates so that the recipient can pick out and pick up their product later.  We’ll make sure you have a gift bag in hand to include under the tree.

This Christmas, make a difference, support a farmer!