National Good Food Network Webinar

National Good Food Network Webinar

Discerning Pallets: Grower’s Experiences Selling Their Crops Through Food Hubs

Thursday, April 16 3:30 – 4:45pm ET (12:30 – 1:45 PT)

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What is it like to sell to or through a food hub? What are the benefits … and what is not so good? Learn directly from seasoned farmers!

We have assembled farmers representing a wide variety of experiences – different geographies (CA, MT, MI, and MA), different sizes (from 8 to 400 ac.), different products (vegetables, animals, and mixed) … who sell into different kinds of food hubs (non-profit, for profit, growers co-op) asking different services from them (simple transport, sell-through, and selling to the hub).

Each of these farms has different reasons to work with their local food hub. What works for them? What doesn’t work so well? How do they choose what to sell through the hub? We’ve asked these farmers to share their unedited experiences and advice with their fellow farmers across the country who might now be considering a relationship with a food hub.

Learn how they chose to start selling to the hub, why, what the hub demands of them, what they get in return, how they are managing risks, and how their business’ bottom line has been affected.

Considering selling through a hub? Learn from the experience of your peers. Advise farmers? Enrich the service you can provide.

Wallace Center at Winrock International serves the growing community of civic, business, and philanthropic organizations involved in building a new Good Food system in the United States.

We advance regional, collaborative efforts to move Good Food – healthy, green, fair, affordable food into larger scale markets so that more producers benefit, more communities have viable economies and greater access, and a greater number of acres are managed sustainably.

The Wallace Center has supported This Old Farm with 2 grants to date.

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