News on the Processing Division

We have been excited to hear from some of you and more importantly supply some of you with food started on our farm and processed by us!  We have only ourselves to look at to ensure the great quality of our product now and it is a good feeling.  We have been busy getting things rolling, meeting new customers, and starting to educate about the different options.  Twice this week, I had a farmer sit down and talk to me about incorporating grass on his traditionally cropped ground.  Now that is exciting!  Our nitrate free cure samples are on the way to be used this week for our first nitrate/nitrite free pork processsing runs.  We have processed our lamb.  We will process a few beefs in January when the State Inspection Paper Work is complete and our labels are designed.  On top of our farm goods, we continue to process all types of meat from local farms.  With our offices moved to the facility, we are now more accessible during normal business hours.  Give us a call at (765) 324-2161 as it is always good to hear from you!