Now Hiring! Still Growing Strong!

Build it and they will come. Field of Dreams was a movie that left a long term phrase behind. One that encouraged us to rebuild. Now each time someone walks in the door, we are thrilled to know they do care about what they eat! People do want good food. On Saturday I talked to a very excited middle aged man. He sat down in a chair in the office and bought 1/2 grass-fed beef as he picked up 1/2 locally raised hog. He told me that just a year ago he would not have been able to sit in that chair. He told me that just a year ago he would have been huffing and puffing after walking from the parking lot inside. He was excited to share his story of going from 400 lbs down to………….. ok he didn’t share his weight but he looked terrific. He bragged on his wife and told how she gave him a new lease on life by just motivating him to eat wonderfully yummy home cooked foods. All he did to loss a great amount of weight was get rid of the processed foods. Wow, that was a testimony to me. I know this has nothing to do with the title, or does it? America is waking up. You want good food. We need more people to help process good food so we continue to hire. Here is what we are looking for……………

Part time house keeping/wrapper. This positions hours are from 3 to 6 pm daily. All day Thursday and some Saturdays. A student could take on the cleaning portion and we could fill the Thursday work separately. Housekeeping in a meat processing facility is so important. Our current staff has been doing it but they are often tired after a long days work processing. It is time to hire.

Part time experienced Venison Processor. The past few years we have done venison processing with our normal staff but we are just too busy with livestock to take it on without additional help. Maybe you just need extra hours to prepare for the Christmas season. This would be perfect if you know how to process venison.

Please send a short resume to We look forward to talking with you about being part of a team that makes locally grown a reality. Good food raised and processed the way you desire!