Off to the State Fair……

I sat tonight to gather a sampling of Indiana Grown product in preparation for setting up the Indiana Grown booth tomorrow.  The Indiana State Department of Agriculture (ISDA) called on us to help represent the variety that can be grown in Indiana as they set up to educate about the new state branding initiative.  It is the goal of the  ISDA to help brand our state’s agricultural products so that if you walk into a store front you can quickly see what product is available from Indiana.  We got involved with the project several months ago because it is everything we support.  We believe in educating about how to support our local farmers.  Some of our growers are reporting lower sales this year at Farmer’s Markets.  Have people forgotten to reach out to their farmers this year?  Have they put there food origin out of their mind?  Perhaps they feel that with the drought are farmers gave up?  I am here to tell you that Indiana grown produce is growing strong only because our farmers are dedicated to bringing you a premium product.  They are pumping water from a mile away in many cases just to water the crop.  From the bounty that I worked to put together tonight to display tomorrow, it is evident to me that we have great choices when it comes to local agriculture.  The Indiana Grown booth will showcase……..

Yellow Zucchini, green zucchini, onions potatoes, tomatoes, green peppers, wax peppers, hot peppers, cucumbers, cabbage, kale, yellow squash, watermelons, eggplant, cheeses, meats, eggs, popcorn, and small grains.

When you have such choices, why would you support shipping food 1500 miles instead of supporting your local farmers!  Reach out and say thank you to them during this difficult year.  They are dedicated to making sure you have choice today and tomorrow.