One Week Left for Your January Beef Order.

On January 12th we will load up a few Scottish Highland beef and take them 5 miles down the road to our own processing facility for low stress processing.  There is still time to get your order in for a split side or 1/2 beef.  These lean beef have been grassfed with no grain fattening to allow for the highest amount of Omega 3’s and CLA’s possible in the meat.  You can get the same health promoting compounds they recomend you get through fish consumption by eating grassfed meat.  The cost is $3.50/lb hanging weight plus processing of around $75.  You could expect roughly 80 lbs of meat for a split side which gives you a good sampling of all the cuts.  You can also place an order for individual cuts.  For questions, call Jessica at (765) 324-2161.