Order Thanksgiving Turkeys. Home Shipment Now Available!

Thanksgiving is 5 weeks away. Order your bird today and help us keep our local turkey farmers in business. $5.40/lb. A $50 deposit is required at the time the order is placed.

Our birds range from approximately 10-25 pounds in weight. Specify your desired weight at time of order. We will get as close as we possibly can. The standard rule is one pound of bird per person.

Please note that we are offering only standard-breed turkeys this year. In the past, we had offered the slower-growing heritage breeds, but with feed prices going up all the time, it’s tough to offer heritage turkeys at a price that customers are willing to pay and still allow the farmer to make a small profit. All the turkeys we sell are still pasture-raised and fed with non-GMO feed.

Turkeys can be picked up at our store in Colfax, or can be delivered to your home. Shipping fees vary based on weight and distance.

Please call 765-324-2161 to place your order.

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